Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Winter Wonderlands can't be really appreciated at the moment.

Well, snowmaggedon is here without a lot of fanfare save for some sirens up on the highway about 20 minutes ago... which didn't seem too great.
I brought my work laptop home in the hopes of getting to work on it from here but... god damn Dell and their proprietary power cords, it'll run out of power in 2 hours.
The roads are starting to look mostly clear, in truth, so I'm thinking of packing up and heading in since I can't get on VPN anyway.
It was a nice thought to work from home, but really it just ain't feasible. I need to realize that working where I do, they pretty much own my soul and it's my duty to drag my ass 45 miles down the highway even in really, really bad weather to do my job.
I can't tell you how much I hate having to do that. Especially now that my coworker is gone and I have to fend this stuff off all by my lonesome. *sigh*
I fucking hate snow days that don't work out.
Guess I'm going in. I'm sure it's obvious how happy I am about this.

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