Friday, January 9, 2009


Holy flying mammals, Batman! What to my wondering eyes should appear, but an awesome email to bring good cheer!
It is time for Horrorfest III!! In fact, it starts today!
To temper the awesomeness of this, though, is the fact that our usual spots for viewing in Wilmington and Cherry Hill are not on the list of theaters like usual. And that, frankly, sucks. I've got certain films I really want to see and it now appears they're only playing tonight. :( Sad panda!
But on the plus side, this DOES mean that I will once again have the opportunity to share my love of the horror genre with my beloved and a bunch of random strangers who will laugh along with me at the sight of really, really shitty special FX.
For those of you that are curious about the Horrorfest, A Big Load Of Awesome awaits.
In other news, we ended up creating a bank account just for traveling, since apparently the savings account just for traveling only holds money and occasionally burps a little interest-money in to the thing. (I would like to note that we finally just managed to put 5 figures in to that thing and we STILL ONLY GET $5 INTEREST EACH MONTH. WTF??) We're going to be officially buying the plane tickets tonight since we had to wait to get the checking active. After we've done that and set it in stone, we'll be deciding on what days we'll be where. Then comes choosing the hotels.
I gotta admit, for all of these details we're having to handle, it's not as hard or as confusing as it seemed to be. Or maybe it's the year we've taken to educate ourselves that has helped.
Either way, in 5 short months we will be eating pre-packaged sushi from 7Eleven in downtown Tokyo. Hopefully this conveys how excited I am to be going.
(Mental note to ask what people want me to pick up for them while I'm there!)
This weekend we are apparently expected to have a metric butt tonne of snow, as announced by the national weather service. A metric butt tonne, as some of you may be familiar with, is anywhere from 4 inches to 5 feet. Anything above 5 feet is considered OMFG amounts. So... tomorrow supposedly I finally get the snow I've been waiting for all year. And it will STICK. :)
Tomorrow is also supposedly when our new treadmill will arrive, for which I am heartily grateful. The treadmill was my #1 ally in the gym and the one that I suffer the absence of greatly. Having it downstairs where I can watch TV or read while walking will be great. No freezing of parts off or sunburning and blistering of exposed things, either. And if I need to read for school, I can walk and do that at the same time, so it's a win-win. I'm quite excited for it to arrive.
With the snow, the arrival of all of my yarn, the acquisition of needles, and the promised coziness of the weekend, I'm looking forward to doing some walking, some knitting of Valentine's Day socks, and some serious coding!
I still fear sock patterns.

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