Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Actual Conversation #36-ish - Wherein Life imitates Cinema.

me: holy crap...you're there early.
That worried about getting things done? :(
Robert: Yeah, I wanted to get in.
Today is going to suck.
me: Okay baby. Love you.
Robert: Love you too. Everyone on the road was a jerk to me, I feel either like I'm coming down with something or I'm hung over I can't tell which, and I hate what I'm doing and can't make it work. Other than that I'm great. :-)
me: People were jerks to me, too.
But you know what happened?
Robert: What's t hat?
me: This morning I had a bazooka with me, and they alllll went awaaaaay. ^_^
Robert: Cool.
me: Actually, I was being irritated in the parking lot, trying to breathe, when I saw this white PT Cruiser pull in the parking lot.
I looked around after I looked down to check something and it completely disappeared.
So I thought "Huh, that's weird".
Got out of my car.
And a white PT Cruiser pulled in the parking lot.
At this point I"m thinking "Oh shit, it's a Matrix hiccup.... Agent Smith is going to show up any second..."
Nope. Just turns out the first cruiser pulled in between two SUVs so I couldn't see it.
The second cruiser pulled in right next to it.
So the universe went to great lengths on that joke and resolution
Robert: Thats pretty funny :-)
me: Isn't it? :D
any time you feel stressed, just smile and think "God mind-fucked my girlfriend this morning and it was pretty funny". Then you'll laugh and some of the stress will disappear!

(As an aside, I talked with one of the guys who got out of the car, who told me that both were rentals and both came from two separate rental dealerships. Now THAT is an awesome coincidence.)

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