Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Actual Conversation #38-or-something - wherein the value of knowing a foreign language is revealed.

(A preface to this... Bob works for a company that is sending it's data to France, hence the need for French translations.)

gru: They do indeed.
Poor QA person just did something....interesting.
We're supposed to be translating our data feed into French.
She just sent a letter to 8 people stating 'It isn't working for all the elements, some of them are in English still, please fix ASAP' Not snotty, but urgent.
The word that wasn't being translated right? 'Accident' Which translates into French as .... 'Accident'
me: LOL
gru: Like 6 of the 8 people sent her back response like 'Um...I think that's right'...and I think the other two are away from their desk.
gru: chuckles
Now I feel bad I brought it up since everyone else did, but at least it's an amusing story. :-)

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