Thursday, January 15, 2009

Back in the saddle

There is something to be said for returning to the old routine. Something about popping on the work shoes and wandering around in my work regalia that just makes one feel normal and give a small sigh of relief to have a pattern to return to, having been flailing around outside of one whilst sick.
Of course, that was short lived. I returned to wishing for a lucky moment on the Powerball jackpot after about an hour and everyone had stopped telling me how great it was to have me back. Of course, I've a sneaking suspicion that this will occur no matter what workplace I am in, because I am easily distract-able and like to do different things. My life is like a raccoon being distracted from one bit of tinfoil to the next.
There is a restaurant local to us run by real Mexicans that are actually from Mexico and cool the food as they remember it. It is monstrously good, and has introduced to me the single most awesome Mexican culinary creation I have ever encountered. Along with the second, and third Rather Nifty Things.
The Pombaso.
This is bread dipped in red enchilada sauce and grilled, spread with sour cream and refried beans, then topped with the meat of your choice, "Mexican cheese" (which looked like queso fresco to me), then lettuce and tomato. It is a saucy, glumpy, tasty mess and it is impossible to eat one without getting orange sauce on your face and hands. For this reason alone, it rocks.
I'd had one previously and find myself craving it on and off without really knowing why. When I could finally start to take food in again this drifted in to my mind and stayed with alarming ferocity. I begged Bob to bring me one, and being an utter sweetheart he did. But it was something slightly different. It took the edge off, but didn't hit at the heart of the crave. What he did come bearing, though, were Mexican style tacos...that is to say, they have meat, chopped onions, chopped cilantro, and nothing else except the filling you choose. And we got chicken.
It was a reeeeally bad day for chickens at our house on Tuesday, suffice it to say.
But those things, warmed in their palm-sized corn shells, were utterly awesome. When including the green salsa on it, my body reacted the way most men do when lost at see for most of a week and suffering from a lack of water.
But when we went yesterday evening and I finally got my hands on the real deal, the Thing That Makes My Hands Orange, it was joygasmic. I dove in to that and ate with a zest I hadn't been able to muster for many, many days.
We also enjoyed those little tacos again, and some tres leches cake, which was fantastically delicious. But sadly, they did not have the awesomest of all.... la agua de horchada. :(
Agua de Horchada is this rice beverage... like rice milk, but more liquidy. With cinnamon and vanilla. VERY good. And they were totally OUT.
The guy was sweet and apologized, explaining that they could only get small amounts and that there was a big demand for it. But it was the one thing that could've made my return to normal food perfect in that moment. Ah well. Like I told him, we'll be back.
It's nice to return to normal food and a stomach that can digest it. I like getting up for work and doing something for others. This is the only mass of human interaction that I get weekly, and I did actually miss it.

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