Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Lightbulb -Or Rather Flashbulb - Goes On

Today I finally allowed myself to believe that I have talent as a photographer.

Prior to this I thought I just got lucky shots in, and that the sheer volume of photos I took would allow me to have a few good ones in the bunch. The reverse of that is actually opposite. I have taken so ~many~ photos that framing the shot to make it somewhat interesting is becoming a reflex and not something I'm strivng for or looking for.

When I beheld the photos taken on the very, very small 3.0 megapixel camera contained in my EnV3 cell phone and saw that they were actually of a much nicer quality than the ones I snagged with the 7.1 megapixel digital camera, it finally dawned on me that the only difference between the two was the tonal quality and the clarity of the pixels. Had the digital had a higher megapixel ratio and the ability to color-adjust to warmer tones on a white landscape, they would've been perfectly acceptable shots. Thus realized, I stood there quietly for a moment and realized my goal of being able to call myself "a photographer" was now upon me. At this point fiddling with the technical aspects of things will tighten things up.

Anything you put in my hands that captures an image will work. My only hinderance is understanding of the limitations of the tool. This is very, very freeing.
But this is all secondary. I have a good eye for the scene in front of me. I am damned proud of that.

I'm going to make a pinhole camera out of an Altoids tin just because I can now. I am feeling defiant and cocky in light of this new realization!

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