Saturday, February 27, 2010

Making magic for others...

I have the perfect bottle for this… a lovely blue glass bottle, an ancient turquoise color that looks like it belongs on the walls of an alchemist’s shop, or in the back of a hedge witch’s cupboard. The cork is a bit crazy, and it’ll absolutely have to be sealed with a ton of wax. But I’m looking forward to putting it together. This’ll have to wait until we’re out near the Atlantic Ocean so I can drop it in somewhere and watch it float away, off to find its adventure.

I think I might include a small something in it, a treasure perhaps, as a reward for picking it up and finding it. Maybe a wheat penny?

I’m also writing the note on pH neutral paper with pH neutral, waterproof ink. That way if the cork gives way but the bottle gets washed ashore, the note will still be legible after the fact.

I’m further pondering trying to start a “chain bottle” with it, asking them to reseal it with their own note and send it back out. Perhaps it’s too much work, perhaps it’ll never even be discovered. But I like the thought of reaching out to someone. A total stranger might find this, and I want more than anything for it to be a completely wonderful and serendipitous moment in their life.

edit – I’ve decided to start this tonight. I’ve collected the paper and the bottle. A quick test shows that no wheat pennies will fit down the narrow neck of the bottle. my best bet is to include something very narrow, or perhaps some tiny crystals to make it a “treasure”. We shall see how it goes!

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