Friday, February 5, 2010

How to fix my computer


How I did it: I went in to the guts of my computer and cleaned up the silvering compound between the fan and the processor, retightened everything on the mobo, installed some rubber stoppers between the feet of the fan and the mobo and took out all but one stick of the memory. After putting everything back together and running some tests it STILL wouldn't post, so at this point I have to turn it over to some computer techies who have a workshop with lots o' parts to switch out and play with, something I don't have. At least I will get a working computer back finally!

Lessons & tips: If you don't know what the inside of your computer does and didn't build it, turn it over to whoever did. If you bought it from Dell or another known computer corporation call their helpline or find a local retailer that's certified to work with them.
Otherwise, if you know what you're doing, get your broken/fried/defective parts replaced with sexy, new, working parts from Newegg or Tiger Direct.

It took me 1 day.

It made me Relieved

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