Saturday, February 13, 2010

Better with a partner. - 43 Things Goals

After chasing down a couples’ yoga class for 3 years I finally managed to get in to one with the husband. We had a blast! He really, really enjoyed himself and is looking forward to the next one next Friday.

Unfortunately it only runs for 4 weeks, but it’s my hope that in doing this the “scary” bit is gone and we’ll do it together more often. It’ll help me keep up my yoga practice and help him limber up while he exercises.

I’d actually purchased a couples’ yoga DVD before, but it had seemed quite intimidating to watch the couple on it go through the motions (it was VERY obvious they’d practiced for a long time). Having an instructor give us different levels of difficulty to attempt really helped and reinforced my belief that such body-mind focused endeavors like yoga and tai-chi MUST be done with an instructor, at least in the beginning. We recognized several of the positions from the DVD and it occured to us they might cover all of the positions in that DVD before the 4 weeks were up. If so, we could continue it later, and that has me more excited.

It was a wonderful time and a good reminder of how much fun it can be to be in a class. I have fond memories of going to classes with my Mom and with friends and I’ve missed having an instructor to check my posture. I think I might sign up for weekly classes to increase the drive to meet this goal and make sure that even on a busy week I’ll get in at least one session.

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