Friday, February 19, 2010

How to have high tea with my Mom.

"A lovely afternoon of finger sandwiches and warm cups."

How I did it: My Mom and I have had tea before, so there was no need to convince anyone of the need to go!
I did a Google search for tea houses near her (since there is nothing near me here!) and discovered there were 3 nearby without going in to New York City. We picked a day we would both be free and that our choice of locale would be open, and then called and made a reservation! We then got hats and headed over, ordering exactly what we wanted and took our sweet time enjoying it. It was a lovely afternoon. If I lived closer, I would definitely go do it again, and frequently.

Lessons & tips: ~make sure that when you go you can give it at least an hour of your afternoon, sometimes it takes that long to get through everything. Don't you want to enjoy the entire pot of tea, anyway??

~dress well. No holes in your jeans or ragged t-shirts. Tea is supposed to be relaxing but somewhat refined. If you're taking the trouble to go have tiny sandwiches, at least look neat while doing it.

Resources: - where we went to imbibe

It took me 7 days.

It made me Happy

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