Wednesday, September 17, 2008

No way in Silent Hell!

I don't care how good it is, how much fun it is to go through it, or what the long and esteemed history it's lineage has. I will not play Silent Hill. You can't ~make me~.

I've tried to battle this. I've done Quake. I've done Doom. I've done House of the Dead in the middle of an arcade with kids screaming and lights flashing. I have crept my way through the Flood in Halo (and wanted to strangle 343 Guilty Spark, ugh.)

But when I was playing Dead Rising, I gave up beating the shit out of zombies with wide screen televisions about 30 seconds in when they continued to advance on me and I suddenly had no idea how to throw the damned thing. I played 20 minutes of Silent Hill:Origins on the PSP, and had to put it away even when in the middle of a brightly lit room and sitting next to my significant other. The creepiness just seeped off the 3 inch screen. And it's been over a year since I got up the balls to sit down and play through Eternal Darkness on the GameCube, my present to myself last year.

As much as Bob would love to have a partner when launching in to these scary endeavors, I'm pretty sure I'm too much of a complete wuss to put up with them. I watched him play Resident Evil 4 and found myself leaping up whenever he got attacked. Eventually I couldn't watch and had to leave. I could only come back when he was battling a ginormous fish in a boat, as that was not really zombie-related.
As much as I love the concept of Survival Horror, I think the closest brush I may ever have with it is infected Covenant on the Pillar of Autumn. *sigh* And I know I just lost gamer-cred for saying that.

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