Friday, September 26, 2008

Actual Conversation # 28 -Wherein the sins of the past are revisited.

The current state of things at our house is one of timorous optimism, in that the old contract that my man is in is disintegrating. He's in the midst of a job search, and the resulting conversation, I feel, is a natural extension of this curiousity and looking forward to the future.

me: So there's nothing like cutting yourself loose.
Robert: Yeah...I'm just concerned I do, then I get told 'Sorry, No' on Monday, and I'm adrift for weeks.
me: Well...find out on Monday
And the second you do, call and quit. :)
Robert: Yup, that's my plan. Although...I will have to pass a criminal background check before the hiring is official. What if....what if they find out know...that.
me: With the super glue and the cattle prod?
Robert: No, the other thing. With the carp and the LSD.
me: Ohhhhh... should check if the statute of limitations ran out on that.
Robert: True...and it's not like the carp can testify against me...anymore.
me: it can't even swim straight.
I think you're in the clear.
Robert: Okay nods You're probably right.
me: Just breathe, baby. If you're meant to have this, it'll happen quickly.

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