Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Actual Conversation # 25: Wherein pretzel etiquette is loosely discussed

me: I've got a random question for you.
Totally random.
Do you do the mustard on the pretzels thing?
Robert: Shoot
I like mustard on pretzels yes. I haven't done it in a while.
me: Mkay.
What about stuff like cheese?
Or does that get all nasty?
Robert: Hmmm, never done it. We're talking big soft pretzels? I'd try it, sure.
me: Okies.
I'm thinking maybe Wawa for lunch. They have pretzels. :)
I was hoping to get pretzel-nomming tips from the pro!
Robert: nods Indulge your wildest pretzel fantasies! Pretzels do not judge their consumer. They only live to be nourishment and the appeasement of stress. The bring happiness in all their myriad of forms.
me: ....that was awesome...
Robert: I've had an entire repetoire of pretzel related motivational speeches waiting for years for just this moment.

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