Thursday, September 18, 2008

Actual Conversation #26 - the fine art of re-establishing one's manhood.

Ben: off to a great start
Helen: Yes it is!!
Helen: I cut and pasted a lolpicture in to a ticket by accident.
Helen: AWESOME day.
Ben: passed out giving blood
Helen: On purpose?
Ben: ...
Helen: Or was there an actual problem like you only have 2 pints of blood?
Ben: they didn't get any out of me, they stuck me saying "itll be a pinch and a pressure" but it turned out to be more of a "pinch and titty twister constantly" and i ended up waking up shortly after
Ben: turns out i tensed up and the needle got pushed through too =/
Helen: Ahh. They blew your vein. Ew.
Helen: That's why I don't give blood anymore. It hurts like hell.
Helen: And they ALWAYS...always... blow out my veins
Ben: i was annoyed with myself =/
Helen: Drink some Mt. Dew and go insinuate someone's a homosexual and come back. You'll be fine.
Helen: However, I am were already laying down when this happened, yes?
Ben: yeah
Helen: Okay. So you didn't fall or anything scary.
Ben: naw, i just was stronger in 1 arm than the nurses body weight lol

(It's so great that I gave him shit, then thought afterwards to check if he was okay.)

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