Friday, September 12, 2008

Actual Conversation #24: Wherein Multi-Ethnic writing utensils are discussed.

Ben: i want to call this new shirt my "bitchin collar shirt"
Ben: its very crisp
Helen: *laugh*
Helen: Whatsit look like?
Ben: its just a gray short sleeve button up with a blue waukesha logo over the pocket
Ben: i love button ups
Helen: You have a pocket?
Ben: of course
Ben: what else would i put my pens in?!
Helen: Do you have protection, though??
Helen: You can't just go sticking your pen in there!!!
Ben: unfortunately i dont
Ben: my geek squad shirt got pregn... i mean ruined that way
Helen: Big ugly blotch that won't go away now?
Helen: Oh yeah?
Ben: black spot
Helen: You like the multi-color ink action huh?
Helen: ....okay, I think I'm done with this metaphor. lol
Ben: once you go black you never go back\

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