Monday, September 22, 2008

Actual conversation # 27 -The Meaning of Life.

me: What is life? A futile firing of electrons and nerve impulses over and again? The amoeba in the tidal pool finding out the flagella aren't really that neat as they get swallowed whole? The eye of the storm with its deathly stillness
or perhaps just the breeze bouncing the heavy-headed grasses, laden with seed
Perhaps it is the butterfly that never made it out of the cocoon.
Or the flower that bloomed twice.
Everything. Or nothing.
Robert: That's deep. :-)
me: Oh wait. Wrong window.
j/k ;)
Robert: :-P
me: I was sitting here about to slide in to my "What is the POINT of all of this??" thing.
Then I utterly stupid to try and ferret a meaning out.
Especially when one is in a funk and can't see the whole picture anyway.
Robert: This is very true. It's like debating what's the point of the ocean while dogpaddling in it after your boat sank. :-)
me: laughing Yup. Pretty much
Robert: Whether there's a point to it or not, you're in it. :-)
me: Yes.
And I think we're missing a different point altogether.
WE assume there IS a reason.
And honestly...when has the world ever needed a reason to ~anything~?
It just does shit.
Robert: nods
me: It throws out crazy variations in the genes just for shits and grins.
Why? It doesn't ~always~ promot survival.
And what i keep coming back to is...nature just really digs fractals.
Robert: Design by randomness. There's a contraditction for you :-)
me: If you throw a quarter up in the air often enough, it begins to develop a pattern.
It's not a design. It's just how the tracks got worn in the dirt after a while.
So to assume there's a point is like saying "I think the 3:12 train will never take off, grow wings, and drag everyone to Jupiter for tea with the Queen mother."
The second people get it in their head that there's some certain thing that's going to happen
Or a point that is to be reached
They have already gone against the grain of the world.
Robert: But then again, look at the world as pieces. Look at weather. All weather is is air partcials of different types ineracting, warm, cold, humid, dry. If you could find a way to write a giant program that tracked every particle of air on the planet. Couldn't you tell the weather? And hey, who's to say it's not just a really complicated program now.
me: Ahh... I see. The Big Bang was actually just God going "Compile"
Robert: chuckles You never know. Is there no point, or is there a point we just can't comprehend? Can the ants understand why they can crawl outside outside fine, but die when they come inside? But there's a reason for it. It's a fun question some times.
me: Yeah.
This is why I hate killing those ants.
Because they're just following their behavior
There is no other way to say "Hey, stay out of here, alright?"
Cats understand no.
Ants only understand "squishy squishy zomg death frumabove"
And even then they'll come back.
Robert: Yup, so that begs the question, what's the limits of what we don't know?
me: The second we assume there's knowledge, we're fucked!
Robert: chuckles True
me: But go ahead. You had brilliance to share.
Robert: It's okay, I should get ready for this potential 'squish squish zomg death' 2:00 meeting ;-)
me: SSZD for short.
Robert: There ya go.
me: I love you.
Robert: I love you too.
Now go debate philosphy with whomever you originally intended. ;-)
me: BAH
You hush and go be brilliant amongst the lemmingens.
Robert: Deal !

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