Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Wax on? Naw, wax off...

Five years ago today my Dad and I came roaring in to Lemoyne, PA with a moving truck full of my crap and my little Honda in tow. It was 3 A.M. and I had 2 cats, 2 cockatiels and a snake. I had something like 18 boxes of books, 8 boxes of doodads, and a small handful of furniture. No bed, no dresser, no computer. I ended up moving in with my Mom since I didn't have enough to get my own place.
And here I am now with a computer I built myself, with new gear I built myself. The floor is littered iwth art supplies and test-projects, and both myself and Bob are up to our eyeballs in video games and movies to watch. I ended up donating 12 of my 18 boxes of books, and I'm currently working on replacing them all with craft books and manga, it would seem from the view of my current bookshelf.
I have everything I need, and looking back I have to laugh about how I was sure I would be too incompetent to pull all of this off. As usual, I underestimate myself and just how much I will not put up with crap when I want to change it.
I'm going out to dinner with Bob tonight to celebrate. 5 years seems auspicious to me. I can honestly say I feel I've made a complete turn-around from where I was.
Normally I would wax poetic at this point about a few other things, but I always do that. So instead I'm going to go read a book and enjoy the day, watch the Ghost Hunters season premier tonight, and enjoy a fantastic meal with my man. It's a good day.

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