Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Actual Conversation # 23, wherein cartooning about Object Oriented Programming is discussed.

We were discussing my penchant for making arts from coding concepts. It has been decided that some day they would make a great visual aid in teaching, so I'm going to try to keep up with it.

me: I'm worried if I don't keep up with what I'm learning I'll fall behind and never complete them!!!
I have to do integers, versus floats, versus doubles....
(No idea how to set that up)
Robert: Russian Dolls. Char < Integer < Float < Double
me: And one on proper punctuation. All your phrases end with a semicolon;
Yes, except those don't really explain what each does.
Robert: True
me: I was thinking more in terms of what they are.
Like Char is only letters
Robert: But it explains casting :-)
me: Casting?
Robert: Actually, Char is a number from 1-128, per the ascii code. It's just a small integer, really
Well if you say Int myInt = 'c' the integer myInt will be set to the ascii value of 'c'. 70 or shwtaver
me: was that a typo or jargon?
Robert: or whatever
me: Oh.
You should've said it was jargon. I would have bought it. And then used it in class to try and sound impressive.

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