Thursday, March 3, 2011

Toes Up!

It was time to learn to do socks toe-up. Now that I have, I am NEVER going back to top down! Unless, well, it's some fancy dancy lace thing that I don't have the mental calculating power to flip upside down and work backwards. Which is a definite possibility given my reason strike-outs with lace.
It's also really fun to not have to worry about the woven-in toe unraveling if it rubs on something too much! Huzzah!

Either way... I decided to try my first pair of toe-up socks with sock yarn I have been DYING to use for a long time, My Zitron Trekking. Handpaint? I think? Tobago colorway. It looks pretty damn awesome, even without the artsy filter on my cell phone cam:

I am not ashamed to admit that it is a WEBS catalog the project is sitting on top of, either. I likes my yarn and I likes it discounted!

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