Friday, March 4, 2011

Actual Conversation #96 - where the limits of our French speaking is made clear.

*setting is at a local steak house for date night (recurring every Thursday), which has recently taken to skewing away from southwestern/Tex-Mex influence and has driven the bus straight in to Francais territory*

Me: Ooo... Steak au Poivre! With creme anglais and potatos au gratin... what's a Poivre?
Bob (who took more French than I did by at least a year): That's the potatos.
Me: I thought they were Pommes de terre?
Bob: Oh. Yeah, maybe. I don't know. But I can tell you that whatever's happening, that steak is WITH poivre.
Me: *unable to speak for laughing, then clapping* Bravo! Indeed it is!
*a few moments later*
Me: Poivre is pear. Why didn't I remember that?
Bob: Huh. I dunno, I didn't either.
Me: With pears? That sounds weird now.

(Closing note, au poivre actually means "steak with pepper". Pear in French is actually "La Poire". You learn something new every day! You also learn what you don't know, and twice as fast. ;D )

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