Wednesday, March 2, 2011


A long time ago I wanted to be a storyteller more than anything else in the world. My craft, however, was rough and in need of honing; realizing this, I put the dream aside and moved on to more "realistic" things, like trying to get a degree in the biological sciences.
We can all see how well that went.
From time to time I've dabbled in narrative interaction, but with people only paying mild attention to it. In the end I started doing these things just for personal amusement, and that seemed all well and good.
But then, out of nowhere, I decided to bring home a Peeps beanie in the shape of a rabbit. I named him Arthur and started doing Facebook updates on him from time to time -mostly as it occurred to me I hadn't done any in while. I decided I was going to be ridiculous and not care what anybody thought. What resulted was a hard-drinking, hard-living, eye patch-bearing creature with a strangely poetic view on life who didn't care if you caught him drunkenly singing face down on a Monday morning. (true story)
Two weeks later and people comment more on the Arthur updates than anything else I do. They ask questions about him, want to know more... I'm surprised and really happy about it! To have created a fictional character that people connect to over perhaps 8 total Facebook updates involving him makes me think maybe I'm Doing It Right.
As long as the fun lasts, I'm going to keep randomly putting things up about him in the hopes he continues to amuse and intrigue folks.

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