Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Previous post probably seemed overly heavy, yet again. This is what I get for saying I wanted to dig crap out in my life and study it. It sort of all gangs up on me at once for me the check out and deal with.

And I don't mean to be entirely down and out about the person who took up the majority of my thoughts. Honestly, we have had some truly awesome times together. I feel compelled to mention this time after I got back from Seattle... we were together and bored and I said hey, let's drive to this really cool graveyard in York.... and we did. It was 30 miles away, a cold night, and a TON of fun. Just randomly like that. In fact, we did that numerous times.

This is why I have trouble reconciling the two sides. There was the person I used to go see local bands with at bars, and now there is the person who is so very unhappy that all she can do is vent the unhappiness. You know, I've been in that space before. I'm sure I basted friends in its sour, sour juices, speaking constantly of one thing or another.

It's hard to see someone you know struggling even if you haven't talked with them for a long time. I'm not sure it's really my place to say anything anymore. She seems stuck without the ability to get out of it. I have tremendous empathy for that experience.

Dunno what to do. She knows how to fish herself out, and she's got a strong personality. I've seen it in the past. There's no way it's dead, but maybe it's down inside somewhere on a forced siesta while things get worked out.

I dunno what to do, so I I'll just sit on my hands and watch how it goes down. I fear an implosion of sorts on the horizon. :/

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