Monday, February 2, 2009

Of Mice and Bonfires

A weekend of firsts... first completed sock. First beer I drank -and FINISHED- before it got even remotely close to room temperature, and first time I watched the end of a Superbowl.
That's right. Yours truly has knitted a complete sock without major mishap or swearing, AND did it while drinking a cold beer. Or shortly before, anyway. The timeline's a bit hazy.
Also the first time I asked for help before the 4th week of class when I ran in to problems with the .html tutorials. Turns out it's mostly like I remember it, just with a few much cooler shortcuts so... not too worried.
We're supposed to be setting up web pages concerning a hobby we have, so of course mine is about gaming. It's really the only hobby I have that I consistently practice for entertainment, AND there is a lot to be written on it. I've already got it mocked up, just need to fill in the blanks and turn it in tonight. Not too tough. I'm really enjoying learning about all of it, too.

As an aside, I feel a bit adrift right now. I am accomplishing many small things, but with no one big goal. To the point that I googled "What is the meaning of my life?"
It's fascinating, I've got Sting lyrics, nihilism, existentialism, and Monty Python. In short... the internet, massive conglomeration that it is, as a collective consciousness can NOT tell me what my goals are or what the point is. Which is good, because the internet also tells people how to build things like shoebombs and mentos fountains.

My WoW guild officially stopped being a raiding guild, and everybody who originally trashed the place and stripped it down to its current condition packed up and left.
That's fine. I hate cliques and selfish people, and that little maneuver shows qualities of both. I just wish it hadn't taken so long. The death rattle was getting hard to bear in the lungs of my former peer group.

Some poor soul in Coatesville, some very sick person, has been setting fires there to the tune of 30+ in the last two months. There's a community drive to gather up clothing for all the people left homeless thanks to his handiwork. Bob and I will be working over the next few days to gather up things we don't need anymore and donate them. I do so quite happily, as I have some pairs of pants and a few shirts that can be better utilized elsewhere.
It's not even remotely funny how many people are without homes because of this arson. But at the same time, I can't help but feel deeply sad for the individual setting these. Something happened that flipped that switch, and they're going to need lots of help to find the person, and more to help them turn that switch back off. Maybe it's not politically correct to do so, but I am. I'm just as sad for the victims, who have had to deal with the outcome of this individual's issues with their belongings and their history. Enough people are angry about this, I'll strike the balance over here by myself.
I hope they find them. I hope they take them in to custody safely. I hope that individual recovers.

I hope I figure out where the door is to this cave. The fire's getting hot and I'm tired of the puppet show. I'd like to go outside. I'd like to ~let~ myself go outside, even. Enough whining about how existence has no point. The idea that it needs one at ~all~ should be fairly explored as well, but right now that's what I've got to work with.

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