Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Random Ponderations @ 1 AM

Figured out how to turn a heel. 3rd time's the charm! Hopefully in the future they'll be easier now.

LOVED Heroes. This is the show I originally sat down to be a fangrrl for, and it has returned. The new writers' stuff should be up in a few weeks, as Bob reminded me, and I am wondering what it'll do for the dynamic. Right now I like Sylar back as a psychotic badass, and I even like his little puppy-sidekick he's minding right now. I love the character of Tracy(i?), she's starting to show some of the uber-aggressiveness that was in her sister. Perhaps the super strength was due to the formula, but the bad ass nature was not. I like that. (Kinda miss Micah, though... although I'll bet he grew like nuts and that's why he's not back, same as with Molly)
I'm enjoying the back and forth between Hiro and Ando, and I suspect that Hiro's power will be back in a modified form in the near future. Being able to freeze time would be nice. Perhaps it can only happen for a few moments. Or perhaps just long enough for him to jump. But no back and forth through time to screw things up and completely negate the story line.
Might I also add that I loved the wholesale removal/slaughter of characters from the unfortunate 2nd season? Everybody but Second Flying Boy is accounted for. Doesn't matter, now they have Aquaman, and I've got this sneaking suspicion that he'll be back. That's just too useful and too helpful with evasion.
I'm wondering if we're bound for another creepy showdown between Sylar and his father the way Parkman and his father did. If so... what on earth could possibly be wrong with Sylar's father to spawn something like that? And are they really going to take the nature vs. nurture route on this? God I hope not. I hope they just make it something unexplainable, the way a dog will just snap some days and go after its owner for no discernible reason.
I was mildly stressed about the possibility of a run-in with a certain coworker, but it turned out to be completely moot. He's steered so far clear of me I didn't even know he was working today, and that suits me just fine. I'm holding in my head that something might come up before he leaves so I'm not caught off guard should it go down. But for now I'm far less tense about going to work.
it's February and it's 40+ degrees out. I remember when we used to be able to build snow forts that wouldn't melt for weeks. Sometimes I look at the wet, muddy ground and the buds that are starting on the trees too early and worry that already we're too late to undo our own damage. We're bound for a century of rebalancing even as we rush to counter what was done, while people are still screaming that nothing's wrong and the polar ice caps are disappearing. Red buds were never meant to flower the first week of march, and something inside me knows that. The blackbirds are here too soon. I'm just praying at this point we catch the tail end of what is left and work to preserve it. My grandchildren deserve a snow fort. Trees deserve to rest their growth and sap in the winter. Geese need to migrate. It's not happening anymore.
Such things to think up at 1 AM on a Tuesday morning... but then, I never did like "Level 1 Thinking" with its platitudes and concerns for trivial things.
I enjoy making socks. I enjoy drawing. I feel like I get something done when I finish amigurumi. But really I think perhaps there's just tooooo many hobbies going on in my life. I'm sitting here debating on working on socks, or doing the sketches for my Letterkeepers comic. At some point one will win and I'll sigh about the other one. But this is a constant decision I have to make and I'm going to go batty before too long.
Probably a good idea to stop here. My brain is starting to just do free association when I look at things. So I'll close my eyes and leave with a closing thought. Today I came up with a plot for a story that blew my own mind. I stared at the computer screen for about 5 minutes while I tried to wrap my head around what my brain had come up with.
it's a good story. it deserves to be born, so I wrote it down. We'll see what happens with it. In the meantime, i need to do a LOT more research with physics to pull the idea off. It never occured to me to take my love of science and the natural world and turn it in to fiction. I think I'll enjoy this.
Both cats tell me it's time to sleep. They're experts on the subject, so I'm following suit. G'night all.

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