Monday, February 23, 2009

Actual Conversation #44 - where partnered life is really comfortable in sharing about that special visitor.

(Scene: darkened bedroom after midnight. Two individuals getting ready for slumber.)
Bob: So did you need me to take care of anything for you?
Me: Well...not at this particular moment. No. That would not be good.
Bob: Alright then....???
Me: Sorry to be so, you know, decisive after asking earlier.
Bob:'re sure?
Me: Not unless you really want to look like a shotgun wound victim.
Bob: We're good, that's fine, another night...
Me: You know, maybe it's raspberry jam...
Bob: Goodnight, love you!

In other news, I remembered what I'd forgotten to mention. Turkish Delight! They were selling it in the international section at the store, which includes British food. Normally we get our biscuits and scones from there, but when I saw that, I HAD to try it.
Did you know they make it with rosewater? I had no idea. It wasn't that bad, really. Like biting in to a sweet rose-flavored jelly covered in chocolate. I probably won't ever have another one, but it's nice to have that mystery solved. The question of what exactly Turkish delight IS and what it tastes like has been bugging me since I first read about it in the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

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