Thursday, February 19, 2009

Damn you, Nintendo...

A DSi??Why do you do this to me??

Comes out in April, with the ability to download and upgrade the OS (FINALLY it'll be something besides a dummy-box with virtually no options), a video camera, and the ability to play Music. Music and Video. Those were the main things the PSP had going on it that kept it from being anything besides a device you handed to your kid to shut them up on car trips or flights. But now with the inclusion of those things, it's probably going to blow the PSP out of the water and force them to make ~another~ newer model. Maybe something that can stay on for more than 2.5 hours max. That'd be swell.

While it's seriously exciting to see this and hear that they'll have things coming for it soon like downloadables (the PSP had demos and dl games going already, I've got to toss in here.) there's a few things I am noting that give me pause.

First off, there are two cameras in it now, but I'm not seeing where the built-in microphone ended up. How can I blow out the candles in Legend of Zelda without the microphone?? If they relegated that function to something only usable with a headset-and-mic deal, that's just cheap.
Secondly, I'm seeing there is no slot for GBA games. So how exactly do I play my Super Mario 3? Where do I plug in the attachment for my Guitar Hero: On Tour accessory? And the pedometer to measure my steps has nowhere to plug in on the new thing. Given that I've been using that a lot lately, that's a serious loss in functionality for me. I was planning on grabbing some Japan-only GBA titles while I was there to play on my DS Lite, so obviously having a new one when I head over would be a bad idea.

The final thing, and the most petty, has to do with its overall look. I like the matte finish a lot, it fights fingerprints and smudges that are blatantly obvious even on my lovely pink DS. But with that matte finish comes the removal of the two little cute squares on the top, the trademark sign of the DS. That, and the fact that there IS no pink DSi available, means that this is kind of a no-go for me. Until they fix the accessories issue and put this baby out in pink, I'm going to hold on to my $170. A price drop might not be bad, either. :)

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