Thursday, January 7, 2010


It looks like I forgot to make one very important New Year's Resolution, so I'll be adding that to the list.

What were my others, though? Well, I didn't actually write them down. I'm a big fan of the idea that you can make a change whenever you want and you don't need the New Year to do it. In fact, just to be contrary I used to make mine on Halloween since it was the old Celtic new year or some such ancient cultural nonsense. I could've just as easily waited until the Chinese New Year. The point was that the change was important, and not the day.
Conversely, it's just as ridiculous to delay making a resolution because of what day it is. So when it occured to me to make a list, I just made one.

Here it is, since in writing it down I'm most likely to remember it AND I'll have to follow through since it's public.
1.) Lose weight. Yes, everyone says that, but at this point for me it's becoming serious; it's that or dying at 45 from complications with diabetes I don't have yet.
2.) Meditate every day, even if it's only for 5 minutes. The benefits of it will be enormous. And of course if the door is open, the cats will come help.
3.) Work on the graphic novel idea that's been banging around in my head for 3 years. The worst that can happen is it gets created.
4.) Exercise every day at least 30 minutes. Self-explanatory.
5.) Yoga once a day, even for 5 minutes.
6.) For my poor hands, Finger Yoga at least twice a week to combat the onset of carpal tunnel and reverse all the stiffness of years spent IMing, texting and playing video games
7.) Stay strong with the vegetarian thing. I love the excuse to eat fresh strawberries and pineapple!
8.) Go back to Maine.
~8a.)Free 2 more lobsters while there. Again.
9.) Graduate in June.
10.) Use my talents to help the world however possible.
11.) Get my twenty million rolls of film developed from the Holga, Diana, and my other Lomographic wonders.
12.) Find the perfect, most awesome house to call a home with my husband. Make sure it is zombie proof with room for a garden, then move in.
13.) Venture forth in to all areas of the arts without fear or expectation of results!
14.) Perform my marital duties more frequently, as hinted at above. Not being cheeky, it will apparently really help both of us out!

There may be others. I'm distracted by a cute hound, a cup of chilled coffee and the thought of everything I'm not getting done right now. Time to trade the coffee in for some lovely hot green tea and work on some homework, some knitting, some exercise, and some time with the hound.

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