Sunday, January 17, 2010

My Emergency Preparedness Kit

I have come to realize that there are certain items that I am always finding myself regretting I do not have. I have now decided henceforth that I don't leave the house without any of these things, and I do not own a purse that will not hold any of these...even if it means sacrificing a cute little clutch-purse at a cocktail party because, let's face it, I go to those a lot.............not.
Absolutely Requisite Items:
~Idea book/notebook
~Ink pen (upgrading to fountain pen, shortly.)
~Camera in some form (cell, iKimono, Holga, etc.)

Optional But Highly Recommended:
~sketch pencils and art markers
~Nintendo DS and optional game
~Portable knitting project (socks?)
~Mirror compact
~Extra ink pens
~Flash drive with available space
~USB cable
~A book (paper form or via an eReader)

I'm sure this will get revised as time goes on, but this would be anything I could possibly think of or need and often do. I should probably throw something else on there like "brass knuckles" or "bottled water", but this is more to make sure I survive a line in the DMV than out in the wild.

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