Sunday, January 3, 2010

Book 4/100 - my further $0.02

This is what I wrote, accompanied by a few Fuji Instax photos of Zen, to help emphasize the point.

"This is Zen. He is alive, healthy and happy thanks to the actions of total strangers. When he was found with his mother and 5 litter-mates on the streets, he was suffering from sore and mange, and every bone stuck out through his skin. He was sick from disease and parasites and would have lived a very short and miserable life.
Because caring strangers stepped in, he is now asleep on the floor in front of me, snoring. He's beautiful at 5 months old, and pure mutt. I've never met a more loving creature.
Imagine what you, a total stranger, can do with a few words or sketches. Imagine the awesome change you could affect with a mere 30 seconds of your day.
Imagine that a single moment could make momentous change in the life of another.
Now hold that image, grab a pen -or pencils, paints or Polaroids- and add your two cents to the Penny Experiment. You may never see who you'll help, but trust me, they will be forever grateful.
I bid you imagine... then create! Take Zen on a journey through your kind heart.
~Helen Kaelin (and ZEN)~"

I hope it gives someone that extra nudge needed to put pen to paper, then pass the book along. Also, I just love showing off my rescue-hound!
I'll do a more in-depth rundown of what I did in the hopes that someone stumbles across the entry and is perhaps encouraged to go seek this book out, or volunteer to make and send off one of their own. This project needs to succeed for so many reasons.

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