Monday, January 11, 2010

'Cado Bento for me!

I do not lie when I say that after finishing preparing my beloved husband's lunch-fodder with creative flair, I thought lustfully about that other ill-fated half of an avocado. I seriously considered eating it for breakfast, something I just do not do as a woman who loves her cereal and scrambled eggs. I knew it was there, taunting me from its place in the fridge, awaiting my next move.
I decided that there could be nothing better for me for lunch than soemthing utterly loaded with good for me vitamins, so I absconded with it, cuted it up, added some awesome, and made myself a tiny, decorative bento lunch. Behold!
This is what half an avocado looks like with low fat cottage cheese spooned in to the indentation where the pit previously snuggled down, then covered with sliced grape tomatoes and finished off with fresh ground pepper and a sprinkling of parmesan. It was quite awesome, and if I had less dignity I'd be licking the inside of the avocado shell to get the last dregs.
Thankfully, there is a second avocado, equally as ripe, waiting in the wings.
Oh, and does the Hello Kitty mini-snack bento box just work perfectly for this?
Ahh my poor, poor addictions...

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