Friday, January 15, 2010

43 is good in more than one way!

Found a most wonderful website! 43 Things lets you make a list of everything you're attempting to do, and it lets you journal about how it's going, and how you accomplished it when it's done. It also lets you see how many other people are trying to do the same thing you are, sometimes for the purpose of community, and sometimes just so you can see you're not the only one.
I have a few very common ones on there, like get a job, graduate and buy a house. But others on there, like creating a stop-motion cartoon, attaining enlightenment and having high tea with my Mom seem to be singularly my own. I like that. I like that my goals are quirky and colorful and that I appear to be continuing with my interesting life. I may not be a Gypsy anymore, but there are still adventures to be had.
What's fascinating is that you can see what most recent things were added by other people. So far I've seen "get all F's", "watch my wife with another man", and "get a corset piercing for my labia"...although these are all far more colorful than the rest. There are also lots of wishes for friends, less fear, more adventure, travel, and employment. You don't need trending topics to see the common themes of people on this website. It bears more study and investigation aside from what I've already set up for myself.

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