Monday, January 11, 2010

Husbandish Commentary ~

Scene - Husband comes downstairs to witness his wife typing furiously on her laptop to the interwebs at large and views a scene of total carnage on the counter where obviously Something Has Gone On.
Bob: Is this half an avocado on the counter?
Me: yes! I made you lunch! It's in the black bag in the fridge!
Bob: Did you want to save the avocado?
Me: I was going to eat it for lunch tomorrow.
Bob: Is it okay if I put it away?
Me: Oh. Yeah. I was going to but I got distracted.
Bob: I love you.

(As an aside, in a random idea to go through and check how to tag this, I discovered I have "roxii", "puppy bombing", "snopacalypse", "hawk wrestling", "Donnie Darko", "dbz" and "arson" in my list of tags I've typed before. Also, "Tachikoma", "sparkly" and "sasquatch". Wow. I get around!)

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