Monday, August 31, 2009

Actual Conversation #74 - because Sea-Bugs need love too!

talula: ok back
me: Oh good. You're just in time to hear about the formation of the Lobster Absconding and Repatriation Campaign.
LARC for short.
talula: okay
not to be confused with LARP
me: Yes. Because that would just be...weird.
Lobsters don't wear clothes.
And they can't roll dice.
talula: right.
me: Do you know about the joke with lobsters between Bob and I?
talula: yes
me: Okay.
We decided to do a good deed while we're in Maine this weekend.
talula: hehe okay
me: We're going to go buy two live lobsters and sneak them out to the end of a dock somewhere, then let them go.
talula: aww hahahah nice
me: ^_^
talula: remember to take off the rubber bands on their claws.
me: Oh yes.
Otherwise it's like Here, you're free! I hope you like Compton!
And the guy's still handcuffed.
talula: right
nice analogy
me: :D

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