Saturday, August 29, 2009

~What did you THINK was going to happen...??~

We have an assortment of regular visitors around our humble abode here thanks to the trees and "rough" they leave up for the golf course to separate it from what basically constitutes our backyards. I've come to recognize the same mockingbirds, doves, goldfinches, squirrel and rabbit that stop by every day checking if I've thrown something awesome out the back door. I'm a popular lady when I get rid of stale cookies, even the crows show up and risk a nibble.
The honey and I were up in the office this afternoon discussing the finer points of Champions Online and our excitement concerning its official release to the world, as well as attempting to lock down the character names and designs we'd come to love over the past 2 weeks of playing it. I think this will be my new addictive MMO now that WoW is slowly dying for me. (And I cannot convey how pissed I am about the upcoming x-pac Cataclysm. DON'T DROWN FERALAS, DAMNIT! And publish some non-fuzzy maps about which zones are getting pwned so I can see better what I'll be losing. >:( )
As we were talking amicably about multiple things, I saw a brown shape dart out of our yard and in to the street, fast enough to catch my attention. I then realized it was our young rabbit that hangs out, as he has very light patches of brown and tan on his sides and an almost wirey mohawk of dark-brown over his haunches. He was out there in the middle of the road, just sitting and looking around.
"Oh no, he's gonna get run over out there!" I exclaimed, motioning wildly out the window. Suddenly all talk of Champions Online was secondary, as the life of our young friend was in the balance. I had images of jeeps screeching around that corner and hitting him as he panicked and tried to flee. Why would a Jeep come screeching around the corner? Well, because ~I~ come screeching around the corner. And I assume everyone else drives as deplorably as I do.
Thinking by the time I ran downstairs a car might come and already do the deed, I floundered a bit before hitting upon the ultimate idea: open the window. And so I did.
I ripped the sash up a good foot, stuck my head against the screen, and hollered "GET OUT OF THE ROAD, YER GONNA GET YOURSELF KILLED!"

I would like to point out at this time that I actually paused in my day to lean out a window and scream at a rabbit. Just so we're all on the same page here, hold that image in your mind, would you please?

As soon as I started hollering the rabbit froze. Then upon me ending my bellowing, the young thing took off in a flash, crossing the rest of the road and up in to the high grass on the other side, fat and green from all of this rain we've been getting.
Satisfied and yet shocked by the rapid response, and the fact that it ~worked~, I fell backwards in to my office chair and laughed for about, oh, 5 minutes. Bob looked at me as if I were nuts (for not thinking making loud noises at a skittish animal would cause it to run, not because I did the yelling. Love that man.) then joined me for a few seconds in laughing, probably because I was laughing so hard it was about the only noise he could conceivably make in that instant that wouldn't completely derail the space-time continuum. Proper social interaction, after all, can do that.
So that was my good deed for the day. I yelled at a bunny to save his life. Some days that's how it rolls.

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