Saturday, August 1, 2009

ConnectiCon 2009

I love this convention. It was not my first, but it was my favorite of all the ones we hit in the great Summer of Learning How to Handle Cons. Returning to it I find that once again it does not disappoint me. Well, except for the missing cosplayer who was dressed up as Bruce Willis with a sandwich board on that said "Cosplayers Suck.". (Name that movie!) I was hoping he would be back so I could take his picture.
Thus far we have listened to Cyanice and Happiness cover for xkcd, who was late to the panel because of the Biblical thunderstorm washing out bridges and highways (and in his words "I was down to only 2 oxen."). He's actually a very funny guy, but looks VERY different than one might imagine. He's a bit soft spoken, but very articulate. Tends to drift when he is trying to pass along information to help others out, but always nice.
A few things we saw that we can't unsee:
~the LICD panel. They came in with a bottle of Baileys and emptied it. The banter devolved accordingly
~3 fat Chobits cosplayers and one emaciated one. also, 2 who didn't look like the dress was about to slide off their sholders.
~A web cartoonist looking down at me and saying "Wow, you've got a really wide ribcage." (How does one respond to that, anyway?)
~A furry. A not well done furry. In dayglow orange shag carpeting.
~Two web cartoonist dancing the whitest dance moves we have seen in ages... in an attempt to raise bids for charity, no less.
~A conga line of everybody who came as Team Fortress 2 cosplayers
~Sooo many "goddess sized" gosu-rori girls I ran out of numbers. It has convinced me not to attempt the style until I've shed at least 20 lbs.
~Optimus Prime made out of metallic wrapping paper and plastic wrap. And that's it. No frame underneath. He crinkled with every movement.
~Lar Desouza (artist for LICD and LFG) sporting what appears to be a leopard-print Shriner's cap.
~A child dressed up as Batman with the proper mask and cape... but body was a cardboard box with arm and head holes painted grey and black. (think old-school batman, B:tAS-style)
~Cat girls. You can't swing a stick without hitting one.
~A math and engineering geek with web cartoon brought in a longer line and bigger standing crowds for his panel than any other panel in the entire convention.
~A strange abundance of top hats and fedoras among the male of the species.
~Bob just now screaming "Yay for metaphysical fortitude! YAY! YAAAAAY!" in response to my comment that he didn't really appear to want me to wake him, as had been previously requested.

So like I said... it's been good. But now it is time for dinner and we go forth into Hartford in search of something to eat. There will probably be more forthcoming. It is, after all, only the evening of Day 2. :D

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