Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Actual Conversation #75 - Because I Absolutely, Positively Fucking HATE Zombies. Period.

gru: Baby?
me: Yes sweetie?
(Sorry, I was slamming all the tickets in the queues. And I am now done with ALL of the tickets. Queues are empty)
gru: No problem :-)
Let's say, hypothically, I had something I wanted to tell you.
Let's also say, again hypothically, I was concerned how you'd take it.
me: Do you have rabies?!?!
gru: No.
me: Oh okay then.
grud: How would you, at this moment, rate your psyche? Let's say on a scale of 0 - 100 with 100 being total metaphysical imperviability and 0 being a good sneeze away from complete and total cthulonian barking mad.
me: Give me a minute.
I'm still turning over "cthulonian barking mad"
gru: Take your time.
me: I'd say I'm probably in the 70's. I'm tired but I'm not nuts.
gru: Alright, that works. Thank you.
I take it gamespy is still blocked for you. So I'll just post this.
The game's just hit retail stores in the States, and already Cryptic Studios has announced plans to release the first live content patch for the game late in October.

Dubbed Blood Moon, the patch will introduce a zombie apocalypse in Canada (nice!) among other things:There is a chill wind blowing through Millennium City. It's late October and the moon has taken on a sinister aspect, staining the sky a bloody red. The superhero Witchcraft, of the Champions, warns that this is a dire portent of an approaching mystical threat. There have been sightings of strange creatures emerging across the world, those of savage werewolves and flesh-craving zombies. Even worse, they bear with them the tidings of a great evil returning to the world... Takofanes, the Undying Lord!The official teaser site goes into more detail about some of the new powers, monsters and challenges that await. Stick with us for the consensus on Champions Online very soon.
me: *begins barking*
gru: Yeah...I knew I should have held out for the 80's.

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