Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Stuff I Learned before I was Really Awake.

It is only 10 am just now, and already I have been angered by people who can't do their work out in Malaysia (or rather, their American counterparts calling up and being ignorant re: lack of VPN), I have had to look up what a Tarrasque is, thanks to, and courtesy of an article on MSN, I have now learned that of the top 11 lamest blogs out there, the dullest blog in the word and The Adventures of Pat O'Neil are probably the most amusing blogs I've come across. That last item is mainly because it does not contain the self-aggrandizing, pretentious, pseudo-intellectual junk found in most blogs posted by people who think the interwebs gives a damn about their opinion. Basically like what you read here, if you read. ^_^
Anyway, that's an awful lot, and that was before I had coffee or food. So I think I'm going to be fully justified in hanging up on anybody who gives me one iota of shit for ANYTHING today.
Of course, being that an iota isn't really quantifiable given the tools available to me, that's going to be really subjective in the measuring today. (Wikipedia was no help in calculating an iota, btw.)
I have also learned in the short time of this morning, that marketing done to grandparents is done so with the notion that they are gullible, stupid, and prone to bright packaging. We were trying to find books for my family and Bob's and there's not a single one that didn't sound pandering, over-simplified, or just plain cheesy. So there's a good reason to not become one any time soon. They haven't yet figured out that the far savvier boomer generation is now in the grandparents chair.
And one last thing... if you should happen to crochet a Cthulu and bring it to work for a coworker, always make sure that they take it with them back to their own cubicle. The one that I gave to a coworker ended up in another coworker's cubicle while they were working on something, then he forgot and left it. The second coworker found it and was severaly freaked out by it. I call that good craftsmanship. ^_^
(As an aside, I was just told via IM that GM will be killing off the Hummer as a commercial vehicle as part of their proposal to the government. Thank god. Those things were only useful in Africa and don't belong in American garages.)
Now that...that is a lot of learning for only being away 4-5 hours.

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