Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Tyr's Day - a lot better than I thought it'd turn out, akshuly!

If you've been around in the last little bit, you know I'm getting pretty hyped about producing amigurumi plushies and general crocheted goodies.
Well, I just got word that my first commission arrived in Australia last week and is absolutely adored. My second was given to a coworker that promptly went on a tour of the building to get shown off to people.
The first commission got back to me and turned me on to a project where they're actually crocheting a coral reef. That's just awesome on so many levels... and I want to contribute, but I can't think of what to do. They've already got a seaslug. Maybe I could do a seacucumber or something simple? Or maybe I'll forget about it in a week and we'll never here about it again.

I finally got everything to work last night on the computer, Hallelujah! It chokes and sputters in the cities for some reason, but for the most part it bumbles along like a trooper and renders the colors beautifully.
I made a tremendous mistake last night, though. I was dutifully grinding along on the mage when I got bored and decided to start a death knight.
Wow. I went to bed 4 hours later. And I don't care that I'm lacking sleep, it was that much fun. It'll be damned hard not to jump on again tonight and try to play again!
There is just something immensely fun about using the force-grip on someone 30 feet away, yanking them to you, and then introducing an axe to their head. So far the only times I've died I wasn't being very careful or making good use of the runic power that was developing as I fought. In spite of this, though, I was so enthralled with the storyline and how things were set up that I didn't realize I needed to go to bed until I fell asleep in the office chair.
I really like this character. I deleted my old RP character and stole the name for this character. She shall be my new RP! With her I shall enjoy the game again, be in it for the story line alone and the sheer joy of enjoying the game. Plus the ability to force choke people is really freakin' awesome as well.
I am contemplating in the back of my little head possibly taking up journaling for Kaetze again, moving it from the old website I used to do it on to somewhere new, and throwing in Krotze as well. It would be fanfic, yeah, but it would also be an excellent RP. Seeing as I intend to RP walk with her wherever I go and in general play her up just for fun, fleshing her out with a journal and a back store (Although now that I'm thinking on it, I should change her name, as Krotze is already taken in my journals as the father of Kaetze, and that's what she's got now. Maybe she'll just be Kortze.) Not to mention that doing that will get me creatively writing a lot as well. The only real setback is figuring out how to set it up. That can probably be overcome pretty quickly, though.
With the computer drama now behind me, I can probably start diving in to Left 4 Dead with my honey, which I was hoping to do back when the damned thing first came out. I'm only, oh, a month behind now. *sigh* Hopefully we can download it and run it, playing together and blowing away super-fast zombies.
In the meantime, though, I think I'm going to open myself up to commissions with crocheting. Seems easy enough to pull off, and so far both people have been really happy. We'll see what becomes of it.

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