Tuesday, December 9, 2008

So, yeah...this is what my Tuesday is going to be like.

Yes, people, Obama uses a Zune. Get over it. Probably because of the FM receiver, as is mentioned elsewhere, which makes it hella more convenient than an iPod.
Not that anybody gives a damn, but yours truly is still rocking her Creative Zen:M mp3 player in lime green to carry all 22 gigs of her music around, not to mention a few awesome cartoons. AND it comes with an FM tuner as well. In fact, I disliked iPods so much that I went and got a Zen: Stone at 2 gigs for only $50 with an LCD screen. It's small, efficient, well designed, and perfect for exercising! (Also lime green. It's like a little music pod that breaks away from the Zen, almost...)
And yes, I am really pleased with myself for it.
But getting back to the main issue, I'm puzzled as to why it's such a big deal. It's just an audio device. It's like if he showed up in Seattle Sonics jersey instead of a Bulls jersey. People, I guess, want someone of import and power to agree with their choices. Gives it more credence, perhaps? Who knows, and truly, who cares. He can listen to music while he exercise, and it's great that he's a bit of a technocrat like the younger generation.

In other news, this morning I won an argument by spamming someone with The Final Countdown, as portrayed in a YouTube video. It caught me so off guard that I'm still trying to figure out how that worked, but a sound logical argument did not. It boggles me...

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