Thursday, December 11, 2008

I get up on my soap box and open my mouth... enjoyedwith a side of yorkshire pudding.

Yesterday was pretty damned good. We donated money to save the trees and the bees, and I popped some seriously delicious yorkshire puddings out of the oven for eating.

Colony Collapse Disorder, and I'm going to only say this once, is immensely serious. Honey bees are a key pollinator in our agricultural industry. Not just for our food, but for all kinds of other plants, they carry around pollen and help create fruits. If one in four animals of any other species on the planet -save perhaps slugs- were to disappear, we would raise a major alarm. But not with bees, for some reason.
If flowers don't get pollinated, fruit doesn't grow. Seeds aren't created, and old plants do not get replaced. You'll hit an apex ecosystem with nothing to perpetuate it. Also, not to mention, the price of fruits and vegetables will go through the roof, as will for meat when feed costs more because, you guessed it, it's eating the foods that are pollinated by the wind and there's a shortage again.
Penn State University has a specific research program set up to study colony collapse disorder. If you haven't already, I'd encourage you to read up on the issues and make a donation if you feel you can.
As for the trees... that was done in replacement for the douglas fir that sits in our living room, magestically adorned with all sorts of shiny ornaments. It just seems if I'm going to take something that could be used for paper, soil and water retention, lumber, somebody's ~fire~, a bird's home.... I should replace it at least two-fold.
In addition, I just learned about a bill signed in to law by Congress that could potentially ruin my budding business of crocheted toys and goods. It's rather interesting how sweeping the legislation was, when the country that sinned is China but it's punishing those here. Read up if you love hand-made plushies or Etsy, it's worth your time. I've signed and donated some cash to their cause.

Aside from that? Made a kick ass meal of steamed green beans, pot roast with gravy (It came in a microwave tray, so really all I did was reheat it) and a tray of yorkshire puddings. Having only ever tried this once and only pulled it off with mixed results, I've got to say those things kicked some serious ass, and we're having them again the next time we have potroast, or perhaps turkey. Anything where gravy could be involved. I used vegetable shortening to get them piping and crispy, and I find myself sitting here craving them. It's almost ~sad~, really. So much so that I'm trying to figure out how to just make a whole bunch and eat them with gravy and that's about it. For dessert? Bread pudding, of course. ^_^

In the spirit of Xmas and eating too many sweets, I must admit I am looking forward to putting together mounds of kissy-cookies with my Mom in Ohio. It's a tradition and despite my attempts to lose weight, I will forego quite a bit to be able to bake and eat those little guys!

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