Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Actual Conversation #33 - wherein the causes of headaches are explored

Robert: I'm trying not to take advil, but the head pain is getting back worse. It must be tied to how much I move my head because it didn't hurt almost at all til I got in the car, and it's worse now
So I took one and we'll see if that helps.
me: That seems like it's more connected to muscles and tendons than your actual head.
Robert: Yeah, I don't know anything for sure, I just hope it goes away soon.
me: kk
Sent at 9:50 AM on Tuesday
Robert: Yeah, the web is it's usual bounty of information. I seem to have a aneurysm, a toothache, neurological damage, a stroke, occipital neuralgia, and am possessed by demons.
me: <#(0_o)
Robert: Indeed
me: I can help with the demons part, but you're gonna need a dentist for the rest of that stuff.
Robert: Yeah....huh
Robert: Oh, it's also a pinched nerve...and caused by eating too many stale bakery products (I wish I was kidding)
me: When does it tell you your chi is stagnant?
Robert: I haven't gotten to that continent I guess yet.

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