Tuesday, January 31, 2012

February is Sketch A Day Month...

...except that's totally arbitrary and just because I decided it would be.
Nothing ever gets done unless I set goals and make lists for myself. I literally cannot function unless I make a To Do list every few days to remind myself of what's going on.
I've also experimented with long term projects, like last year's Do a Good Deed a Week deal. So far this year's long term project of working outside my comfort zones is making me miserable and nervous, but I've survived everything so far. Oh, and there was the "Hey, let's try meditating for 5 minutes a day" I did for 6 months, which became the gateway to a MUCH calmer and more compassionate me.
So, yes, I love projects. I love projects of all lengths and sizes. And while I failed miserably at Project 365 (couldn't find anything meaningful to take a photo of that many days in a row.) and my self-imposed Story a Day project last year, I think I've come up with one that will not only help me improve my skills, but also prove a really awesome challenge.

And yeah, the hand was tipped with the title of the post, so you already know - it's going to be Sketch-A-Day month in February. Yes, I'm cheating, only 29 days (leap year, y'all) BUT... I think it's needed to build my confidence up for other things this year. And I can't pass up the opportunity to try and spread my wings and work on my skills with such an endeavor.

A few rules I've decided on:
~One sketch a day. Duh.
~No multi-day drawings! It must be started and ended on the same calendar date.
~No repeating of subjects, no matter how tempting. 29 original ideas.
~Anything that can make a line is fair game. Digital, ink, pencil, charcoal, colored pencil, are all legal. Not allowed are paints, paper or sculpture and things of a 3-D nature. The only reason for this is so that I have more constraints to operate within if inspiration strikes. Do I think it would look better rendered in watercolors? Then I need to figure out how to mimic that look in a digital format, or with other physical tools.
~experimenting with different styles is heavily encouraged
~A record of the project's progress will be made and posted publicly for feedback, scrutiny, internet trolling and that lovely pressure that comes from friends knowing you're in a project so you don't want to ditch on it 'cuz they'll give you crap.

I am actually quite excited by this idea, and bought a new general sketchbook anticipating the filling of my current general sketchbook. (to be clear, I have a "general" one for testing supplies, ideas and styles, and then I have the one where I do in-depth images in as a sort of portable portfolio). I was, in fact, so excited that when I realized it was the 31st today instead of February 1st, I was actually gravely disappointed. But not to worry! Time marches on! It shall arrive anon!

No idea what I'll be starting out with, and there is a sort of freedom in chaos and leaping in to the fray that is at stark contrast with my usual "OMG I MUST LIST ALL THE THINGS!" that goes on in my brain. But then, as we all know on some level creativity does not live by chains. It rather adores to bounce off the median and careen down the road at its own speed, taking the stop signs as suggestions more than solid rules.

I'll see you at the end of the ride!

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