Saturday, January 14, 2012

Actual Conversation X^3.145

I am growing to love the source of amusement that is my coworkers...
Joe [15:41] : I am to ADHD for soduku
Helen [15:42] : I can do the ones with 3 of the numbers missing!
Joe [15:45] : I can do it but I have to leave and come back
Helen [15:45] : Yeah. on the more complicated ones, same here.
Joe [15:46] : I mean on all of them
Joe [15:46] : I'm like look something else shiny to play with
Helen [15:46] : *LAUGH*
Helen [15:47] : So that's why they've hidden all the tinfoil...
Joe [15:47] : funny story I hate tin foil
Helen [15:48] : ....if that's all there is to it, I have to argue with your definition of funny.
Joe [15:48] : there is more I hate tin foil because I once saw someone eat it and it freaked me out
Helen [15:49] : EW
Helen [15:49] : Okay, that's legit.

As an aside, I watched someone eat tinfoil once, too... the sound of it scraping on the person's teeth still makes me want to wretch.

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