Thursday, February 2, 2012

Sketch-a-Day Strikes Again!

SO for anybody out there going "Ha! I bet she's already forgotten! Look, no pictures posted!"
I have two sketches, and I am LOVING this project. So much so, I dumped it on 43 Things to keep track of it.
But I wanted to post what I had so far as impetus to keep going. I present to you the following~

Day 1 - Swamp Thing in brush pen

Which I am REALLY proud of, btw... I actually made him look like a big walking terrarium!)

Day 2 - Li'l Depressed Boy in Sigma 0.5 Sepia and Pentel Manga light grey brush marker.

I don't suppose you truly need to know what I used on them, but I'm wanting to prove I'm using different techniques and items to do the sketching.
I have once again realized a universal truth known to all artistis - when you love what you're drawing, it will spill out of your pen or pencil without much prompting. Such was the case for both of these. I honestly finished them in about 30 minutes and it's making me wonder if I need to take more time, or push my boundaries by trying entirely unfamiliar techniques or subjects I'm not necessarily familiar with.

Or maybe just getting one sketch down a day is enough and I should just stop overthinking it.

Anyway, it's off to a good start.

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