Sunday, February 6, 2011

Actual Conversation # 94 - wherein characterizations are chosen by our heroine...

Me: If you knew somebody and they were an asshole, would they be a Jeremy or a Seth?
Bob: *thoughtful pause* Well, honestly, probably a Jeremy, but only because I'm thinking of Seth Rogen and he seems pretty funny.
(*note - I had not thought of Seth Rogen in thinking up the name. I could only recall Seth Greene and felt a twinge of guilt at the association, for he also seems pretty funny.*)
Me: Okay... I'll probably keep digging.
Bob: Well, it all depends on the guy and what they did.
Me: Okay. Well, I'm trying to find character names. Because I started this script and realized I never chose a name for my main character. I'm trying to find something that sounds like a real dick.
Bob: Try Brad.
Me: *long pause, testing the sound of it in my head* Brad.... that's pretty good...

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