Sunday, February 27, 2011

Actual Conversation #95 - where cultural stereotypes are addressed

*begin scene with yours truly wandering downstairs to see what husband is up to, noting Robert De Niro and Ray Liotta on the screen*

Bob: Hey *obviously lost in movie*
Me: Is this one of the Godfather movies?
Bob: Yeah, that kind of thing.
Me: *donning NJ/Italian accent* I see dey got Ray Liotta dere.
Bob: Actually, he's Irish in this.
Me: Irish? Wit a name like Liotta? That's... what do dey call dat? I-roh-nee.
Bob: Indeed it is!
*further watching of screen shows Joe Pesci on the screen*
Me: Oh! Is dis dat Goodfellas movie? Wit all a dem Italian actors in it?
Bob: Yup! *beaming proudly at me for recognizing ANY gangster movie at all*
Me: You know I'm only doin' dis Italian accent 'cuz I can't do an Irish one, right?
Bob: I love you.

(A closing note, shortly thereafter mention is made by husband of Jewish people being included in the plot. I spent an hour asking my husband and my cat and dog why they never call... it now occurs to me I have no idea if there really are Jewish people in Goodfellas as I've never seen the movie, and that my husband may very well have just said that to hear me do the accent.)

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