Friday, October 2, 2009

Actual Conversation # 78 - where F*ing ZOMBIES interrupt a perfectly good budding philosophical discussion

gru: And, that's done and moving along
By the way, did you ever read the Garfield strips at any point?
me: I don' t remember.
I think I went over to read it but I don't remember doing it.
gru: You know the strip though, yes?
You've seen it like once?
me: Oh yeah, I used to read it every day. I used to dig it out of the newspaper after I was done delivering them.
gru: Oh okay.
Well, someone mentioned something on a podcast I checked out, and it's pretty cool. 'Garfield minus Garfield'. It's Garfield strips, with garfield photoshopped out. What's left is a surreal examination of what I can only describe as a man going totally insane.
me: LOL
I remember hearing about that.
me: I've seen one or two of those.
........and you may laugh now, becuase I didn't get it.
gru: Didn't get what?
me: What was going on. *laugh*
gru: Ahh
Eh, humor is subjective. I wouldn't laugh at that. :-)
me: I would!
It's actually more amusing because it brings up the point that without a point of reference or knowledge for the reason something persists, we tend to just stare at it like a drunken mule and go "bwhah?"
At least, that is what I did.
I also began the meticulous study of the interactions with inviso-Garfield trying to extract the ultimate in Zen cartooning.... what was NOT being said in the picture. :)
gru: I just thought it was a neat picture into someone's mind when no one was there.
btw, I just heard World War Z is in development to be made a movie. No idea what stage that means it's in.
me: *squeals and hides* Nooooooooo....

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