Friday, October 2, 2009

Nothing with Eyes...or maybe a Soul...

First off, I must say that despite my fear of zombies, we went to see the midnight showing of Zombieland and it's so awesome my face hurts from the awesomeness. You who know me know I am not given to devolving in to high-school exhortations of this degree, but that should tell you how much my mind was blown. I'm reduced to my 10th grade vocabulary to describe the epitome of amusement that I experienced last night. I command everybody who reads this to go see it at least ONCE in the movie theaters. This sort of wit and light-heartedness should be rewarded with gobs of cash handed over by the American public, and I was happy to do so. I am even smiling favorably on the popcorn husks still lodged in my gums from the popcorn crunched last night while Woody Harrelson beat the tar out of a zombie with a banjo. It just works, y'all. Just go SEE it already!
And in an amusing dichotomy we go from cannibals to the topic of vegetarians. Which is what my dear husband and I have opted to try. Again. Twice now for the two of us as a couple, and probably the 6th time in my personal life. We fall off the bandwagon shortly after I faint, something I am determined not to do this time.
I had always enjoyed vegetarianism. Interesting and healthy ways to prepare fresh greenery and grains was always fun, and I am in the bad habit of collecting recipe books for the purpose of eventually some day maybe using one or two recipes out of them. But at the same time, this already reflects a change in attitude and lifestyle. We expect to have to cook when we eat vegetarian. This means being more active in the selection of ingredients and in thinking about what we eat. It means spending less, enjoying more, and wandering around the kitchen preparing the meal. Being mindful of our time and our food, basically. It will be very hard to just order from a menu and get things that are okay for us to eat.
I like the idea of being mindful about what goes in to me. I've been feeling tired, which has led to me saying Oh let's just order something upon arriving home. What arrives is fat-laden and unhealthy.
I'm looking forward to combining things in interesting ways, instead of using vegetables as a cheese delivery device. I strive to turn everything in my everyday life in to art on some level. I've been able to produce several rather involved dishes, but not simple things that taste good. It will be nice to have a volley of meatless things to use that are quick so even when I'm tired and cranky we can have something good to eat.
I dunno why I'm going on at length about this. I just feel good about it. I feel good that it'll make me stop and pay attention to things, especially to how it tastes and how my body feels afterward. I'm proud to say I'm not light headed and haven't had a low blood sugar episode so far, but it's only really been a week. Week 3 is usually the demarcation. I look forward to that and seeing how we do this time around.
The hardest part will be giving up sushi. But maybe finding creative alternatives will be an interesting and fun little mini-game to persue. :)

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