Tuesday, August 12, 2008


You know, over the past two weeks I have been Rick-rolled three times. All in totally unexplained places.
The first was up at ConnectiCon. They literally commandeered the PA system and blasted "Never gonna give you up...." out over the entire convenction center. It echoed in the hallways and there was a moment of shocked silence, even in the panel where I was sitting listening to Tim Buckley talk about Ctrl Alt Del.
It happened again at Otakon. There was no way to really escape this time, either. Someone had snuck in a player with speakers and while we sat on the floor enjoying Ramune and French fries, they wandered by blasting it. "...Never gonna let you down..."
Not much you can do at that point but laugh, as we were hungry and they specifically targeted the people eating lunch. It was a stealth mission, and expertly executed.
But this last one is where I really feel completely betrayed. You see, I was expected to be at work early this morning (7 am, to be precise) so that everyone else could attend an all-hands meeting for the company.
I am driving along minding my own business listening to the story of a politician who is using an internet web comic to raise money. He was successful with it, apparently. So successful that his Republican counterpart was stunned with how quickly he got donations.
How wonderful! I thought to myself, someone who understands the interwebs generation and is making good use of it! Someone who realizes that kindred spirits will find and encourage each other amidst the flamewars and lol-speek. Someone who would use internet memes to speak with us and let us know that he understood the culture of the young and still young-ish..... and then.... it happened.
NPR motherfuckin' Rick-rolled us. And by us, I mean EVERYONE who was listening to Morning Edition on NPR while getting dressed, showering ,driving to work... we were all caught up in a radio Rick-roll from which many of us could not escape unless we exited our cars immediately. (Turning off the radio took too much logical thought that early in the morning, you see.)
I must, with all fairness, admit great awe and admiration for NPR in pulling off a completely unexpected rolling like that. The size of the audience probably set a record, as well.
And I am now resigned to knowing that it will just happen. Like getting drunk and surprise cake. It simply ~is~.

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