Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Actual Conversation # 22-Wherein pseudo-mathmatical concepts are discussed.

Work has been rather rough with the sudden explosive decompression of personnel otherwise known as a "layoff". So dealing with the influx of tickets has become....challenging.

me: Hehe.... only... *counts* SEVEN hours behind now!
Robert: Nice!
And it's 2pm!
me: Oh wait.
My math sucks
(but we knew this)
FIVE hours behind
Robert: You're improving then!
me: Yeah, I just gained 2 hours. WOOT!
Robert: You are amazing
me: whoosh!
me: Just moved up to 4 hours now. ^_^
Robert: :-)
me: I roxor
And I love you.
And you roxor.
There is a roxii occuring.
Robert: Indeed. We have a roxii!
me: SO much cooler than a loci.
Or a foci
Although...a foci can be involved in a roxii...but only by association.
Robert: True
me: i think it should cry about that.
Robert: Why?
me: I dunno. *laughing*
Robert: You okay?
me: Because it seemed unusual and out of left field to say.
I'm fine, I'm laughing actually.
That's all I meant. :)
Robert: Which I'm prone to say a lot. :-)
me: That's more my idiom.
You're more like
Robert: True
me: Helen....be at peace.
The world is okay and you give it too much credit.
Nobody has it out for you.
Now sit down and put the fucking frying pan away.
Robert: chuckles
me: Which is awesome.
Robert: Now that sounds like me

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